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Simpson228 Leakage Current Tester.

The Simpson228 is designed in accordance with IEC, ANSI and UL
guidelines.Detects dangerous AC & DC Leakage currents.Relative to ANSI C101-1992 or UL-1459 2nd edition.Reads in Measurement Indication Units (MIU) up to .005 MIU.Output Allows Measurement of Peak Current in Non-Sinusoidal Wave Forms.Let-Go, Reaction, and Burn Hazard Response Networks.

Simpson229 - 2 Leakage Current Tester.

Thesimpson 229-2 helps determine product conformance to standards。Conforms to ANSI C101。1-1986 "Leakage Current for Appliances"。Conforms to UL Safety Standards。Compensated to Approximate Dalziel's Perception Curve。Overload protected Up to 500 V Peak Momentarily on all ranges。

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