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            1. 企業簡介


              Shiyan renowned Industrial Development Co. was founded in 1998, is the real China Foundry Association member companies, located in beautiful scenery. Full of rich oriental culture foot of Wudang Taoist… MORE>>

              • ADD:Hubei Shiyan Liuliping
              • TEL:0719-5717236
              • MAIL:hbzmsy@126.com
              • WEB:http://www.cdddx.com

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              Heavy truck balanced axle suspension bracket
              Motor housing base
              Less middle axle truck shell
              Dongfeng heavy truck middle axle main gear housing
              Dongfeng horsepower engine Lower
              FAW Wuxi Diesel engine flywheel

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              ADD:Hubei Shiyan Liuliping     TEL:86-719-5717236

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